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Learn how to understand and apply conflict resolution strategies.

Conflict Resolution Webinar

Part of the "Have Fun, Make Money, & Make a Difference" series.

What You Will Gain:

Most people have been exposed to some type of conflict resolution training. If you have received conflict resolution training in the past, were you able to actually apply it in your life?


Practical Skills

Practical, actionable skills you can apply immediately in your life or workplace.


Confidence in your ability to successfully engage in and resolve conflicts


Awareness of both common conflict triggers and what you can do to avoid them
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People Skills

How much is conflict costing you or your business?

Applying the Model of Human Behavior is the missing link to successfully navigating the inevitable conflicts we all face in every area of life.

Have you ever had problems with:

  • High employee turnover or absenteeism
  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Low productivity or failed projects
  • Low employee morale
  • Conflicts that have escalated into violence or litigation
  • Conflicts with customers or employees that have damaged your business’s public image
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"Conflict is like fire: easy to snuff out when it is small, but nearly impossible to handle when not dealt with quickly."

Conflict Resolution Webinar

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